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CameraReady® Hair optimized for photography

Our CameraReady® Hair is the most realistic fiber hair in the market. 

On top of looking fabulous in person, our multi-tonal hues are optimized to blend seamlessly with your own hair and look amazing in photos and real life. 


We stand for Inclusive Beauty & Self-Expression

We always showcase our products on women of different ages, sizes, ethnicities and abilities. Our models come from all walks of life, just like our clients. And talking about our clients… they don’t just wear our products. They make them their own. Check out our street style galleries and see the Welcome All awesomeness in action.


We believe in Crowdsourcing Brilliance

From the unique names of our hair shades to the color combinations of our packaging, our consumers had and will always have an active voice in the product development process. Our number one job is to make our customers happy. Giving them a voice from idea to delivery is the best way to make it happen.