What Makes Welcome All Beauty So Special?
Welcome All is the first hair line with a focus on productivity. It’s about being smart when it comes to beauty. It’s about looking fabulous and using your valuable time on something other than your hair.

Our CameraReady® Hair is the most realistic synthetic hair in the market. On top of looking fabulous in person, our multi-tonal hues are optimized to look amazing in pictures and blend seamlessly.

Each of our designer hairstyles has been carefully crafted to be ready in under five minutes. Wear one piece at a time or mix and match them to express your unique style.

Welcome All Beauty stands for Inclusive Beauty & Self-Expression. We always showcase our products on women of different ages, sizes, ethnicities and abilities. Our models come from all walks of life, just like our clients.

What are the styling and care instructions for Welcome All Beauty products?
Our CameraReady® hair pieces come pre-styled to create instant designer looks. No additional styling is required, but if you choose to blowdry, curl or straighten your piece, make sure to use a low-medium heat setting (max. 160ºC/320ºF). Fiber will be damaged if the heat setting is too high. Curling or straightening the hair while wearing is not recommended. 

CURLING. Set curling tool to low-medium setting (max. 160ºC/320ºF). Heat protection oil/spray is recommended to preserve hair. Wrap the hair around a curling iron and hold for 10-20 seconds. Slide the iron out and pin the curl in place. Once the fiber has completely cooled, remove the pin. The curl will now be set.

STRAIGHTENING. Set iron to low-medium setting (max. 160ºC/320ºF). Use heat protection oil and straighten as normal in small sections. 

WASHING. Detangle the hair gently using a wide-tooth comb. Fill your sink halfway with COLD water. Dissolve a dime-sized portion of mild shampoo in the water. Submerge the hair piece and let it set for 10 minutes. Do not rub or wring it. Rinse the hair piece in running cool water and gently squeeze the excess water out of the hair. Repeat the process using hair conditioner.

DRYING. Use a towel to pat your synthetic hair dry. Do not squeeze. Allow the hair piece to air-dry naturally.

What is Welcome All Beauty Return Policy?
Our return police vary per product:

  • Camera Ready and Synthetic pieces:

All CameraReady® and synthetic hair wigs, half wigs, hair boosts, buns, ponytails and hair extensions are ***FINAL SALE*** and are not eligible for returns or exchanges.

  • Human Hair Pieces:

Only unopened items can be eligible for returns or exchanges. By law, hair products are considered to be a hygienic product. To reassure the safety of all our customers, we do not allow opened items to be returned. This is an industry standard for hair extensions and wigs. Similar practices will be found in other hair pieces suppliers.

Our packaging has clear windows so please make sure the hair is the color you desire before breaking the safety seal. All Welcome All products come sealed with a security void label. Once opened, the hair cannot be exchanged or returned for any reason. 

The exchanged or replaced product will be subject to a 15% restocking fee. An exchange will only be honored if the hair has not been removed out of its original packaging. Please note that we do ask our customers to pay for their shipping costs for any returns or exchanges. Also, refunds for any return exclude the initial shipping cost paid to ship your package, that shipping fee is non-refundable.

Thank you for your understanding with this.

You can email us at support@welcomeallbeauty.com, if you ever have any questions. 

Need Help Finding the Right Color Match?
If you are unsure what your ideal color match is, please e-mail our Welcome All Beauty team at support@welcomeallbeauty.com with some images of your hair taken in natural lighting. We'll be happy to help!


Can your Welcome All Beauty pieces be dyed
To answer that question, check carefully the material of the product you selected. Human hair pieces can be dyed. CameraReady® hair pieces and synthetic hair pieces cannot be dyed.

How are wrap around ponytails used? 
Follow these instructions to enjoy your Welcome All Beauty wrap around ponytails… in no time! 

Tie up your own hair in a ponytail, attach the Wrap Ponytail placing the wire comb underneath the elastic band. Secure the velcro by pressing both ends together. Wrap the add-on strand around your own ponytail and secure it with bobby pins. That’s it!

Where do you ship from and to?
We ship from Texas, United States. We ship worldwide except for the following countries: Congo, Iran, Iraq, Zimbabwe, Syria, Sudan, North Korea and Liberia.

How long does shipping take?
Once you order, it typically takes 1-4 business days to process. Once your order has shipped, you will receive an email with information including confirmation and tracking number. Expedite shipping is only offered within the USA.

As reference, please find below an estimate of shipping times:
United States: 5-7 business days
Canada: 7-12 business days
International: 10-15 business days (longer shipping times are to be expected in specific countries)

Can I use more than one promo/gift code on the same order?
Only one promotional code can be used at a time.

How can I contact the Welcome All Beauty team?
You can contact our support team by email to support@welcomeallbeauty.com